Week 23: Whole Wheat Pear Muffins

I’m not the biggest fan of pears. I think it’s the grainy texture that just doesn’t appeal to me. Asian pears are okay only because they remind me of apples haha. Robert on the other hand LOVES pears. So of course, he buys more than he can consume in a single week…Starting to see a pattern here?

There weren’t a lot of good lunch or dinner recipes using pears so I figured a nice breakfast pastry would be a safe bet. I found this recipe and decided to give it a shot.


In my haste to find a recipe, I didn’t actually read all of the ingredients…whoops. If I did, I would have noticed that buttermilk is a key ingredient in the recipe (in my defense I thought it said milk). Luckily the internet saved the day! After searching through numerous “buttermilk substitute” pages, I found one that suggested using greek yogurt and water. It gives it the bitter taste of the buttermilk and little of the same texture.


While the oven was preheating, I mixed all the lovely ingredients together. Isn’t my honey adorable? It’s a friggin bear! 😀


Of course being the cutting-OCD person that I am, I had to make sure that the pear was cut into mini bite size pieces and not gargantuan ones that Robert loves to do. Tehe. Side note: Doesn’t that thing look like an alien? Or Iron Man’s mask?IMG_1794

I had enough for a full dozen, including those baby sized ones in the back.


Look at those things! I know they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day but there’s no way in heck that I’d be able to finish all of these. Luckily, Robert’s friend Akshay was visiting so I was happy to feed my creations to them.


Overall: Not bad, but not memorable either. Wheat is always tough because it’s such a powerful flavor that you really couldn’t taste the nutmeg or cinnamon in most of it. You could get a sense of it in the pears since it soaked up a lot of the spices. Still not a big fan of pears though. Sorry pears…

Twenty-three down, twenty-nine to go.


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